Probate is the process of administering a deceased individual’s estate. This includes the appointment of an executor to finalize the descendant’s affairs, including the payment of creditors and disposition of assets. The executor or Personal Representative of an Estate is given many responsibilities under the law in administering an estate. Our firm will help you in navigating these duties and help ensure that the probate process is taken care for in a timely and smooth fashion.

Do I need to open a Probate?
Some estates do not require probate in Washington State. Some estates under $100k in value may qualify for a different process. Additionally, estate plans that include a Living Trust or Community Property Agreement may qualify for an avoidance of probate all together. Please call us for a review of your situation.

What Services Are Included?
We will counsel the Personal Representative on the probate process and explain their duties and how to achieve them. We will navigate the court system for you and prepare and file all necessary documents to open, progress, and close the probate. We will assist in notifying creditors and beneficiaries of the estate and counsel you in taking the correct steps in dispersing estate assets.

Our probate services are billed on an hourly basis. Please contact us to discuss the general costs of Probate.

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