Landlord Tenant Eviction Laws

Landlord-tenant relations in Washington are regulated by the WA Residential Landlord Tenant Act (RCW 59.18)and the rental agreement signed by both the landlord and tenant.

According to Seattle Landlord Tenant Laws, a landlord may evict a tenant, however the eviction must be justified and must occur after all proper notices are served. There are many justified grounds on which a landlord can start the eviction process. This includes non-payment of rent, overstaying after the tenancy is terminated or has ended, or if the tenant is causing waste or nuisance on the property.

Tenants also possess certain rights. Tenant eviction laws have been framed so that the property owners have to give certain notices and follow certain legal procedures before evicting a tenant. Self help evictions are not allowed in Washington. This means the landlord cannot change the locks or throw out a tenant and their property without a court order.

Landlords must abide by tenant eviction laws to evict a tenant from a rental property. A landlord has every right to get his property back, but once the property is rented to a tenant, the tenant also has legal rights and landlords must evict through the proper court procedures.

Just remember, Landlord tenant laws Seattle determines the rights of both the parties over a rental property.

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